Australian kelpie
Bestseller Ooroooo-Roo

Laada 3 years

No news is good news? Not in this case, the bad news just keep on piling. Turha was put to sleep on Feb 15th. Once operated perineal hernia reoccured and this time also bladder got herniated causing severe pain and difficulties in urinating. House feels quite empty with just Laada around.
Year started sadly as Pepsi’s life came to an end on January 17th 2014. Her kidneys started to fail and there was nothing else to do than the final service to my dear old friend.
Sad to inform that Zoda is no longer with us. Zoda was put to sleep October 25th at the age of 12 years and 5 months. But his legacy will go on, on September he became a father to Bestseller S-litter.


Picture © Katri Takkinen / Outi Toni

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